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Meet Las Cruces’s Trusted Solar Panel Installation Company

In a world increasingly focused on sustainability, the demand for solar energy solutions has propelled the growth of solar panel installation companies across the globe. And in the truly enchanting land of New Mexico, where beautiful sunsets, stunning mountains, and endless desert landscapes are abundant, solar power is increasingly popular. Believe us when we say, we couldn’t be happier to call this place home. But it’s not just about sunshine and rainbows here at Organ Mountain Solar & Electric,  it’s about New Mexico’s notorious potential for abundant solar. 

With over 300 days of sunshine, harnessing this renewable energy source is as accessible as ever, making solar energy within reach for all of us. As an esteemed solar panel installation company, Organ Mountain Solar & Electric has emerged as Las Cruces’s most trusted solar partner with a team of experts who are committed to providing quality products and services to ensure the highest return on your investment. 

Founded in July of 2018, Organ Mountain Solar & Electric emerged when four deeply experienced solar professionals came together after their employer, SunPower by Positive Energy Solar, closed their Las Cruces branch. With this transition, they felt compelled to leverage their expertise and passion for solar to create a company composed of a team dedicated to providing exceptional service to their communities. This article will offer insight into some of the professionals who have been instrumental in the realization of our community’s solar aspirations. 

Meet Our Solar Panel Installation Company Team Leaders

So, let’s meet these four solar experts!

Brothers Aaron and Alex Cardone, along with Corey Asbill and Mark Eshelman, share the ownership of this newly founded team of solar specialists. Each of them plays a unique role and offers a set of skills that makes OMS&E truly one of a kind. Aaron, Alex, and Mark are the talented heads of solar installation, while Corey is the leader of the sales and administrative efforts. 

Corey, a true expert in the solar industry, has over 23 years of experience and holds the high honor of being the first NABCEP-certified system installer south of Albuquerque, which was achieved in 2005. His passion for solar energy is unparalleled and truly embodied in his work, as you can see through his tireless dedication to clean, sustainable energy. 

Alex is a talented residential and commercial electrical contractor and system designer with several years of experience and is a critical component of the solar panel installation team. He comes with a wealth of knowledge in the realm of solar energy and is unwavering in the pursuit of sustainability.

Aaron and Mark are both highly experienced residential and commercial journeyman electricians, and they each have demonstrated an astute understanding of the intricacies that govern solar technology. Their technical wizardry ensures the efficiency and effectiveness of the solutions provided by Organ Mountain Solar & Electric

Donald Wiklund, our Senior Technical Sales Advisor, is a long-time local of the Las Cruces area. Donald has worked and served the communities of Las Cruces, Alamogordo, and Cloudcroft for many years in a variety of industries, including retail, real estate, fine dining restaurants, nightclubs, alcohol distribution, and hotels and property management. Although Donald has been and still is involved in many trades, he has found his passion in solar panel installation and system consultations. 

“Solar panel systems and how they apply to specific homeowner’s needs are not always straightforward, and I enjoy troubleshooting and finding solutions for homeowners and business owners as well.” – Donald

Donald started as a solar technical sales advisor in May of 2017 at Sunpower and discontinued employment upon Sunpower’s shutdown. “In turn, I am one of the employees that was laid off to later start a new chapter of solar in Las Cruces with Organ Mountain Solar & Electric.” Donald is one of the founding employees of this intelligent and wonderful solar installation company. 

These are only a few of our wonderful team members. In upcoming articles, you’ll be able to meet the full OMS&E Team.

Our Commitment to Community

Our team’s vision is to provide supportive information about solar to prospective clients, to better inform the general public why investing in solar is revolutionary, and to illuminate what to look for in a solar installation company. We pride ourselves on our ability to consistently deliver high-quality products and services to local Southern New Mexico communities.

As Organ Mountain Solar & Electric continues to lead the way toward a cleaner, more sustainable future, you can play a vital role by staying informed and engaged. Explore the endless possibilities that solar energy offers and discover how it can benefit your life, your community, your wallet, and the planet as a whole. Keep following Organ Mountain Solar & Electric to learn more about the evolving world of solar technology, and to meet our other outstanding employees. We are excited to highlight the wonderful individuals who make a difference in our sales department, as well as throughout our growing company.

Contact our team of experienced solar experts at Las Cruces’s most trusted solar panel installation company for a free, no-obligation consultation to learn more about the options available to you.