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10 Cons of Solar Power Energy: The Pitfalls of Selecting the Wrong Solar Installation Company

As the world embraces the benefits of clean energy, it’s essential to select an experienced, reputable solar installation company, and carefully consider the cons of solar power energy. In the pursuit of sustainable and cost-effective energy solutions, the investment in solar panels is a big decision for homeowners and businesses alike! And choosing the right solar panel installation company is crucial to ensuring the long-term success of your solar investment. While opting for a company with lower prices might seem tempting, investing in the wrong solar power energy company can come with a host of potential consequences that could turn your green energy dream into a total nightmare. 

While there are indeed a host of solar companies to avoid, there are also reputable solar companies, such as Organ Mountain Solar & Electric, that are dedicated to providing the highest quality products and installation, as well as comprehensive education on solar energy. With OMS&E, you can be confident in your solar investment, knowing that your journey towards sustainable, cost-effective energy is in capable hands. As advocates for responsible solar installations, we aim to shed some light on the potential pitfalls of selecting the wrong solar installation company and what to look for. 

Potential Cons of Solar Power Energy: Investing in the Wrong Solar Power Company

  1. Misleading or Inaccurate Information

Investing in the wrong solar power company can lead to a cascade of issues, especially when it comes to misleading or inaccurate information. One significant drawback arises in the realm of tax credits, as unrealistic timelines and expectations may be presented, causing financial discrepancies for homeowners. Additionally, a misinformed solar company might mishandle the intricacies of net metering with the homeowner’s utility provider, disrupting the anticipated benefits. 

Proper adherence to procedures within the homeowner’s jurisdiction and utility provider is crucial, and failure to do so can severely impact installation timelines and system activation. Furthermore, inaccuracies in equipment specifications and performance promises may compromise the overall effectiveness of the solar system, potentially resulting in suboptimal energy generation and efficiency. Careful consideration and research before choosing a solar company are imperative to avoid these pitfalls. 

  1. Solar Loans

The structure of a solar loan is crucial, as an ill-structured agreement may include hidden liens that could complicate matters if the loan defaults. Failure to disclose loan offerings can lead to unforeseen financial burdens for the homeowner. Transparent communication about all aspects of the loan, including potential fees and consequences of default, is essential for informed decision-making. Without this clarity, homeowners may find themselves facing unexpected financial challenges, emphasizing the importance of due diligence in choosing a reliable solar power company to avoid such cons in solar financing. If thinking of becoming a solar producer, ask “if the loan option charges an origination fee and at what percentage.” and “Will the loan place any liens on the property or equipment?

  1. Lack of Recourse

Perhaps the most significant consequence of selecting the wrong solar installation company is the lack of recourse when things go wrong. Dishonest or fly-by-night companies might disappear after installation, leaving homeowners with no means to address issues or hold the company accountable. In the absence of a reliable company to stand behind their work, you may be left with no option to address issues or seek compensation for damages. A good example we have been experiencing is installation companies filing bankruptcies. Among all of these cons of solar power energy, the lack of resources is an outstanding one.

  1. Legal and Regulatory Issues

Solar installations are subject to various local regulations and permitting requirements. Choosing a company that doesn’t adhere to these guidelines can result in legal and regulatory troubles, potentially leading to fines, delays or even the removal of your solar system. 

  1. Hidden Costs and Fees

Dishonest companies may tack on hidden fees, maintenance charges, or additional costs not disclosed upfront, leading to unexpected financial burdens. Luring customers in with budget-friendly quotes, only to spring hidden costs and fees upon them later, is not necessarily an uncommon occurrence. These unforeseen expenses can significantly increase the overall price of the solar system and disrupt your financial plans, making it even more important that you do your research on any company you are interested in working with. A common example is being responsible for paying both the electric bill and solar loan payments for an extended amount of time. We have heard horror stories of homeowners waiting for their systems to be turned on for as long as 18 months.

  1. Safety Hazards

Cutting corners during installation not only affects the performance of your solar system but also poses safety risks. Faulty wiring or improperly installed components can lead to electrical hazards, fires, and accidents. Choosing an unreliable installation company can compromise you and your family’s safety, making this solar power energy con one you’ll definitely want to avoid.

  1. Lower Energy Savings

A system installed by an inexperienced or dishonest company might not deliver the energy savings promised, leaving homeowners disappointed and not recouping their investment as expected. The primary goal of a solar power system is to save money on electricity bills, but opting for a cut-rate solar installer often means sacrificing the energy efficiency and performance of your system. Inadequate designs and subpar equipment can result in lower energy savings, negating the purpose of your solar investment. 

  1. Subpar Workmanship

One of the most immediate consequences of choosing a low-budget solar installation company is the risk of subpar workmanship. Inferior materials, lack of proper training, and inexperienced labor can result in poorly installed solar panels and inefficient system performance, frequent breakdowns, and higher maintenance costs. Be aware that investing in lower budget solar installation could lead to inefficiencies and a shorter system lifespan. 

  1. Limited Warranties and Support 

Unreliable companies might offer limited or misleading warranties, leaving homeowners with little recourse if the system fails prematurely or requires repairs.This lack of protection and support can leave you vulnerable if issues arise with your solar system. Conversely, high-quality solar installation companies offer extended warranties and excellent customer support you can rely on. 

  1.  Voided Roof Warranty 

Solar panels are installed on the roof, and many roofing materials come with warranties. Installing solar panels improperly could lead to roof damage and potentially void your roof warranty, leaving you responsible for any future repairs or replacements. Moreover, it is essential to work with a reputable solar installation company that understands the importance of preserving your roof’s warranty. 

Organ Mountain Solar & Electric: A Reputable Solar Company

The potential consequences of choosing the wrong solar installation company can result in financial losses, safety hazards, and legal complications. While the vast majority of solar installation companies operate ethically and provide valuable services, there have been instances of malicious or deceptive practices within the industry. It’s important to note that these practices are not representative of the entire industry, but rather isolated cases. 
When it comes to choosing a trusted solar power energy installation company, it’s crucial to prioritize reputation, expertise, and quality over the initial cost. This will ensure a successful and trouble-free solar installation experience. To learn more about the high quality services Organ Mountain Solar & Electric offers, and effectively avoid the cons of solar power energy,  contact our experienced and knowledgeable team today.