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The Dark Side of Solar: Look Out for Deceptive Tax Credit Claims 

The promise of financial benefits and great deals on tax credits often lure homeowners seeking environmentally friendly alternatives to fossil fuels. While investing in solar installation is often a smart financial decision, a dark side emerges when unscrupulous sales tactics exploit the tax credit to intentionally manipulate unsuspecting individuals, leaving them with unmet expectations and sometimes financial strain. 

Deceptive solar installation companies are unfortunately out there, and often employ aggressive sales tactics and provide misleading information to persuade individuals into signing contracts. To spot such companies, be aware of high-pressure sales pitches, promises of exaggerated financial benefits, and claims that seem too good to be true. Remember, reputable solar installation companies like Organ Mountain Solar & Electric will consistently look out for your best interest by providing transparent and accurate information about state and federal solar tax credits, installation costs, and potential savings. 

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Deceptive Tax Credit Claims from Solar Installation Companies: A Common Scenario

Consider this situation. An older or retired homeowner, with limited knowledge or understanding of the solar installation industry, becomes the target of a deceptive solar company salesperson. Armed with misleading information, the solar salesperson strategically misrepresents the available tax credits in New Mexico and federally to get the homeowner to sign a solar installation contract. 

You might be thinking this scenario could be easily avoidable. But deceptive solar companies can be persuasive. Their sales pitch may sound appealing, “with the federal solar tax credit, you’ll get 30 percent of the solar installation cost back as a tax refund, regardless of your tax liability. It’s like getting a big check from the government for going solar.” The homeowner, relying on the salesperson’s assurances, agrees to the solar installation, trusting that they are in for a substantial cash refund. 

Sound too good to be true? It is! The harsh reality is a lot different; the federal solar tax credit is not a refund but a non-refundable credit. This crucial distinction means that while the credit can offset federal tax liability, it cannot result in a refund larger than the taxes owed. For a retired individual with minimal tax liability, the promised windfall may never materialize. 

Negative Repercussions of Deceptive Tax Credit Manipulation

The consequences can be severe. The homeowner finds themselves with a solar system that fails to deliver the expected financial benefits. Struggling with higher electricity bills due to the cost of solar installation, they will soon realize that the promised tax credit is nothing more than a pipe dream. 

This deceptive tactic exploits the homeowner’s lack of understanding, trapping them in a contract that doesn’t live up to its promises and leaves them in a precarious financial situation. The malicious solar company preys on the vulnerability of those unfamiliar with the intricacies of tax credits, putting profits above integrity. 

How to Avoid Deceptive Tax Credit Claims

To protect against such schemes, homeowners must educate themselves about the federal solar tax credit and seek reputable solar installation companies. It is crucial to verify information independently and consult with financial advisors before committing to solar projects. By shining a light on these deceptive practices, homeowners can empower themselves against the dark side of solar. 

Make sure you do your research, ask detailed questions before making decisions related to solar installations or any significant financial commitments, and consult dependable experts you can count on. As one of New Mexico’s most reputable solar installation companies, Organ Mountain Solar & Electric is here to answer any questions regarding tax credits and whether or not solar is right for you. 
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