The Dark Side of Solar: Look Out for Deceptive Tax Credit Claims 

Solar tax credit expert

The promise of financial benefits and great deals on tax credits often lure homeowners seeking environmentally friendly alternatives to fossil fuels. While investing in solar installation is often a smart financial decision, a dark side emerges when unscrupulous sales tactics exploit the tax credit to intentionally manipulate unsuspecting individuals, leaving them with unmet expectations and […]

The Dark Side of Solar: Protecting Yourself from Collateral Loans in Solar Financing

Woman frustrated with deceptive solar loan practices

Solar financing acts as a gateway to allowing homeowners and businesses to adopt solar solutions without the burden of high upfront costs and can be the deciding factor between installing solar or not. From empowering individuals to contribute to a greener planet to fostering economic viability, solar financing emerges as a key driver in the […]

Non-Malicious Unsecured Solar Loan vs. Malicious Solar Loan: Understanding the Difference

Summer gathering,A woman walking towards a solar panel in a farmhouse garden.

Homeowners and businesses are increasingly turning to solar energy solutions, making the importance of exploring financing options and securing the best solar loan even more prevalent. Among solar energy financing options, our team at Organ Mountain Solar & Electric encourages you to contemplate two choices you are likely to run into along your search: non-malicious […]

What is Net Metering and How Does It Work?

Man standing on roof next to solar panels and tools

In the ever-expanding realm of solar energy, net metering stands as a revolutionary mechanism for how we perceive and interact with electricity. It empowers individuals and businesses utilizing solar energy to not only generate their own clean energy, but also actively participate in a dynamic energy exchange with utility providers. This transformative process not only […]

The Organ Mountain Solar & Energy Approach to Solar Energy Success

Solar energy installation companies are a dime-a-dozen these days, ranging from local to large corporations with varying integrity and intentions for the clients they work with. Finding a solar energy installation company to partner with that you can trust is, without a doubt, as crucial as it is challenging. But if you’ve been on the […]

What factors are important to consider before going solar?

Should I Go Solar? 8 Factors to Consider Before Buying Solar Panels It’s no secret that sustainable living is gaining momentum, consequently making the decision to buy solar panels increasingly common among homeowners and business owners alike. If you find yourself contemplating whether to invest in solar energy and partner with Organ Mountain Solar & […]

How to Identify a Dishonest Solar Power Energy Company

In the rapidly growing industry of renewable energy, finding the right solar energy company can be challenging. With the proliferation of providers in the market, it’s important for consumers to research different solar energy installation companies and take proactive steps to make sure they are choosing a reliable provider. The truth is, not all operate […]

Meet Las Cruces’s Trusted Solar Panel Installation Company

In a world increasingly focused on sustainability, the demand for solar energy solutions has propelled the growth of solar panel installation companies across the globe. And in the truly enchanting land of New Mexico, where beautiful sunsets, stunning mountains, and endless desert landscapes are abundant, solar power is increasingly popular. Believe us when we say, […]