As a New Mexico Solar Installation company, we offer a high-quality and professional turnkey process. Treating your home as if it was ours, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of service to ensure every project has the attention it deserves. With over 20+ years of diversified solar and electrical experience and 10+ years of delivering projects in the Southern New Mexico, we are confident in providing you with an optimized solution to meet your energy needs.

Turnkey Process


We'll inspect your property and energy usage to determine how much you can save!


We'll optimize the design to deliver an aesthetically pleasing and efficient solar power system.


We'll handle all the details with your local jurisdiction and utility company.


An average-sized residential, photovoltaic system is completed in 1-2 days by our experienced installation team.


Following the installation, we will schedule all final inspections. Within 2 weeks, your solar power system will be up and running!