Helping the communities of Southern New Mexico capture both the money-saving benefits and environmental-friendly impact of solar energy.

Is solar right for you? How much could the investment save you? Would it be a better investment as a roof-mounted or ground-mounted system? Simply fill out our contact form to schedule a call with one of our solar experts!



Delivering exceptional experience with over 40 years of diversified solar expertise. For Organ Mountain Solar, it is much more than just a product or a service. It is the art of building local relationships to promote sustainable technology and to create a better tomorrow.



Organ Mountain Solar brings over 10 years of experience in successfully delivering projects to Las Cruces and Southern New Mexico. What does this mean for you? Organ Mountain Solar has and will continue to work proactively with local jurisdictions and utilities to ensure no detail is missed, and to ensure your system will be up and running as soon as possible. 



Organ Mountain Solar not only brings experience and expert workmanship, but also certified professionals that adhere to national solar standards. Over 50% of the team is currently NABCEP certified, with the goal to continue raising that number. 

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